Scriptwriting Workshops

C. J. Hopkins’ 7-week scriptwriting workshops are offered in association with The Reader Berlin. Workshop writers meet weekly, submit excerpts of their scripts (i.e., stage plays, screenplays, teleplays, et cetera) and receive constructive feedback and personalized mentoring in a supportive and professional setting. The workshops are focused on developing and strengthening the individual writer’s voice and craft and are thus appropriate for scriptwriters at every level of experience, from absolute beginners to working professionals.

* Scriptwriting workshops are on hiatus under further notice.  

What writers say about the workshops …

The two sessions I spent workshopping with CJ Hopkins have been unmatched in the growth of my writing. CJ can see the fibers of your piece — how moments, rhythms, the greater structure, voice, image, characters’ desires and characters’ needs culminate into a script. From these fibers, CJ will ask you the question that need be asked of the work — so that you, as the writer, can individually drive your script forward. I so much appreciated his respect for everyone’s individual style, yet seemed to know what next step was needed in each ‘script paradigm’. I could see by the end of each workshop how much his students, myself included, really trusted in his questions and his commentary. At the risk of sounding corny, I’d like to say that the man is in touch with something ancient, and something true, and am so grateful for the opportunity to have gained his insight. Aida Curtis, playwright

In September 2012 I completed the MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, and I would say that the standard of guidance and tuition provided by CJ Hopkins’ group is equal or superior to that provided on the course. The balance between group feedback and tuition is, in my view, just right. CJ has spent his career immersed in writing for stage and screen, as the awards and prizes on his wall testify, and it shows. He cuts quickly to the heart of a script’s weaknesses, but does so in an encouraging, supportive way. I worked with CJ on a script that is due to go into production at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe. The script was immeasurably improved by his help and experience. Oliver Michell, playwright & screenwriter

To attend CJ’s sessions is to watch a master at work. Not only does he know his stuff, but he appears to know everyone else’s as well. Regardless of genre and style, CJ is instantly able to relate to what is happening on the page, and inherently knows the questions a writer should be asking not only themselves, but their characters. As for the answers, he has them too, but he makes you work for them. I have taken part in two seven-week workshops, and have emerged with two full-length scripts. In short, CJ delivers. Tamsin Kate Walker, playwright

As a writer often working alone, the workshop has been useful just to have deadlines. More than that though, I’ve always felt CJ’s feedback was carefully considered, and particular to what I have written and where I wanted to take it. I’ve learnt a lot about my writing from listening to CJ talk about it. Even listening to his feedback on other writer’s work has been enormously helpful. Reading other writers’ work, feeding back on it as well as working on my own has forced me to write through many bits where I would otherwise have been stuck. It’s also often helped with where to take early ideas next. I’ve taken CJ’s workshop twice now and look forward to attending in the future. Mei Sun, screenwriter

CJ’s screenwriting workshop has provided me with the motivation and structure I need to write. The feedback from CJ and the group is invaluable and helps bring an incomplete or unformed idea into focus and give it grounding. It is inspiring and fun to read other writer’s work in progress: It seems we are in an array of colorful boats launching from a dock in multiple directions. Heather Sinclair, playwright

CJ’s workshops exceeded my expectations and gave me the motivation to continue writing. It’s very inspiring to work with someone with so much passion for the art of play and screenwriting who treats the work handed in by the participants as seriously as his own. His feedback both motivated me and gave me the confidence to explore my ideas further. Sharon Mertins, screenwriter

CJ’s worskhop was a real kickstarter to my screenwriting. Regular meetings kept me motivated and made my writing get back to the top of the list of the main everyday activities. The possibility to getting feedback from the group on regular basis, for every step of script development, brought continuity to work. This controlled clash with your first audience brought new dimension and freshness to the writing process. It was like having a real tool to judge credibility and accuracy of the plot structure, dialogues, characters credibility. Though short, CJ’s feedback was always essential. Few questions which I left workshop every week with, was a driving force to reach the next level with the script. It was worth driving every week from Warsaw to Berlin. Piotr Matecki, screenwriter

CJ is a gifted instructor whose kindness and generosity with students is matched by his insight into the art of story telling. He has an incredible perception for not only what a story needs, but what a writer needs at specific stages in their writing process. I have taken several professional screenwriting classes and I have to say that CJ truly does justice to both the craft and art of script writing. He has my trust and gratitude. D.R., screenwriter