Interviews, Reviews, Etc.

Corona Files Podcast: Episode Four
Interview by Dayna Gross
The Reader Berlin, August 2020

The Virus of Mass Destruction & Brave New Totalitarian Normal
Interview by Hrvoje Morić
Geopolitics & Empire
, July 2020

The New Propagandized Normal
Interview by Brian McWilliams
Lions of Liberty, June 2020

The Man Who Skewers Presidential Numbskullery
By Tony Sutton, including a review of Consent Factory Essays, Vol. I
ColdType, Issue 202, March 2020

WBT Radio interview with Mark Thomas
WBT Radio, Carolina Focus, December 2019

Radio Sinoland interview with Jeff J. Brown
China Rising Radio Sinoland, November 2018

Civil War II Coming?
By Kevin Barret, including a review of Zone 23
The Unz Review, August 2018

De gavangenisopstand van Trum, het zinloze linkse verzet
An interview by Sietske Bergsma
The Post Online  (Dutch), Berlin, February 2017

CJ Hopkins interviews himself, with an introduction by Thom Dibdin
All Edinburgh, Edinburgh/Berlin, August 2013

An only slightly inebriated evening with CJ Hopkins and John Clancy
An interview by Dan Lentell
World Fringe Review, Edinburgh, August 2013

Now Magazine interview with Glenn Sumi (Horse Country)
Now Magazine, Toronto, March 2003

Theatermania interview with Kirk Bromley (A Place Like This)
Theatermania, New York, May 2000